Norwegian food adventures

As a journalist, writer and blogger focused on agriculture in my day job, I can’t help but be attracted to food and farming-related things when I’m not on the clock too.

Here are some quick food highlights. As at home, locally produced is displayed and promoted. Here are some local dried sheep sausages I saw in a grocery store on the way from Bergen to Loen:

In the Sognafjord Region I had the chance to try this locally produced apple juice. It was delicious!

I also had the chance to try sausages made out of something other than pork or beef, the way most sausages are that I eat at home. The ones here are reindeer and moose and are sold at street stalls in Bergen.

At the Alexandra Hotel in Loen, a spectacular dinner buffet had a heavy focus on seafood of all kinds. Here’s but a small sampling – and about the only thing I could get a photo of before the diners (mostly package tourists from Spain and China) were let loose on the buffet!

The Alexandra is one of 42 restaurants in Norway that are part of a gastronomic network called “Taste The Coast“. All members give seafood a place of prominence on their menus through the efforts of specially trained seafood chefs, and each restaurant knows exactly which fisherman or which Norwegian fish farmer caught the various species on their menus each day. It’s all part of their sustainable seafood commitment, which includes a focus on seasonal availability and environmentally friendly catching and/or raising practices.

Here’s my own festival of seafood – a sampler I assembled of one of almost everything on the Alexandra’s seafood appetizer buffet. Words can’t describe how delicious it was, which doesn’t happen to me very often…

And no good Norwegian buffet – whether breakfast, lunch or dinner – seems to be complete without herring prepared in a variety of interesting ways. I’ve tried to give it a chance but I have to admit, I’m not a fan.

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